20140122 – Tree Banners

20140122 - Tree Banners

20140121 – 32 Gigs

32 Gigs

20140120 – Real vs. Fake


20140119 – Morgan Aly


20140118 – Swoll


20140117 – My First Sculpture

Messing with the new sculpting tool in Cinema. I wouldn’t say I’m Michelangelo yet, but the resemblance to my subject is uncanny.

20140117 - myfirstsculpture

20140116 – When A Fire Starts To Burn

Every day when I wake up, I look out my bedroom window to see if it looks like it’ll be a nice sunrise or not. I can usually tell by the amount of clouds in the sky. But today I was surprised with a clear sky other than the stream of smoke coming from the wildfire in Glendora.

20140116 - When A Fire Starts To Burn

When a Fire Starts To Burn – Disclosure


20140115 – Gutter Avocado

I saw this on my way home from work. Who would waste a perfectly good avocado?

20140115 - Gutter Avocado

20140114 – Quarriors Dice Tray

Quite often, my friends and I like to nerd-out and play various board or card games. Quarriors is one of our favorites, but it involves rolling several dice each turn which can be tricky to contain on a table. I found this wooden tray at Michaels and decided to make it my official dice-rolling tray. I ordered a cheap woodburner on Amazon and printed up a copy of the logo to trace. It wasn’t too difficult and the smell of burnt wood reminded me of woodshop in Jr. High.

20140114 - Quarriors Dice Tray

20140113 – Origami Rabbit Chopstick Holder