Jesse Is Like A Modern Day Robin Hood

Double Dart

3 x 2 = 6

A modern-day Robin Hood with bad aim. However, he did manage to throw a few darts at a dartboard and practically split one of them in half. The picture you see above is the actual outcome of two consecutive throws and was not set up manually or altered in any way. The tip of the second dart struck and wedged itself into the plastic fins of the first dart. The only thing that would have made this more awesome is if it hit any number higher than 3. At least he’s consistent.

Ricky Gervais – Human Venus Flytrap

For whatever reason, Ricky Gervais has decided the only way he will promote stuff is by being photographed (or drawn) with his yapper wide open.

The Sandwich Social

Grilled Macaroni & Cheese BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich


I don’t know a single person who doesn’t enjoy a good sandwich. They are simple to make and delicious to eat so I decided to throw a Sandwich Social to celebrate the best lunch entrĂ©e ever in the company of friends, old and new. Everyone brought different items to craft their perfect sandwich. There were all sorts of breads, meats, cheeses, and produce to choose from. One of the highlights included a Grilled Cheese Truck tribute which was a grilled cheese with provolone, swiss, cheedar, Kraft Easy Macaroni and Cheese, and Trader Joe’s Pulled Pork (pictured above).

Here are some pictures of the event for you to salivate over.

The Sandwich Social Flickr Set

Katrina’s Medieval Birthday

Katrina's Birthday

Let the games begin!

The night started off very promising when a girl scout came to Mike’s door selling cookies. We bought out her entire supply that she had with her and she had to go back to her mom’s car to get her reserves. We eventually made our way up to Medieval Times and were promptly ushered into the lobby and handed our Black & White crowns.

There was an hour of hanging out and drinking until we were allowed to go out tables. By then, most of us were feeling good and ready to enjoy the dinner and tournament. Our confidence led us to begin chants of “Red Knight’s going down! Down, down, down.” Believe it or not, you can’t trust movies from 1996 to predict the outcome of a fixed fight. B&W Knight was the first to go down, and Red Knight was the victor. I call bullshit.

Flickr Set: Katrina’s Birthday at Medieval Times

Back To My Mac – Practical Use/Joke

Jesse Poking His Head In

Smile, You're On Camera

Today at work, I was killing time during a render, when I stumbled across a great use for the Back To My Mac function of MobileMe. Essentially it is a feature that allows you to remotely connect to your Mac over the internet and see your files as if they were attached to your local computer as an external drive, or see your screen and control your computer from within a window. It works great when it works, but there have been several times where it won’t work due to incompatible routers or networks. I’ve actually read a few stories online about how people have recovered stolen MacBooks and MacBook Pros by watching the thief log into various sites and then reporting it to the authority. But that’s all besides the point of this post.

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Benelogo, originally uploaded by GBMB.

Killing time before heading down to Orange County. I took his existing logo and just turned it 3D in Cinema 4D and gave him a slogan, since every good business needs a slogan.

AC/DC Smoke

AC/DC Smoke

Originally uploaded by GBMB

trapcode particular + sound keys test

AJ showed me an awesome music video the other day and asked how they did it, so i tossed together a particle system and grabbed a song from my itunes to test it out. not nearly as cool, but somewhat close. i need particular 2.0 i think.

The Chronicles of a Time Traveling Idiot

If you haven’t been going to Eric Koziatek’s Comedy Collision show in Santa Monica every 1st Friday of the month, then you might have missed the greatest time traveling movie since Back to the Future III. We wrote this pretty much on the fly and shot it in about an hour. Jesse was a good sport and by channeling his high school acting coach he was able to turn in the performance of a lifetime. There has been talk of turning this into a trilogy, just like any other good intellectual piece, but for now, you will have to just keep hitting replay at the end of the video. Enjoy.

Who’s Your Lifeline?

If I ever ended up on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, I know that I would want one of two people to be my phone-a-friend. Jesse Collier or Matt Lundstrom. They’re my go-to guys when I have a question about damn near anything. Both are well-versed in computers and technology, while Jesse seems to have a slight lead with pop culture. Having them as friends is like having my own custom wikipedia.

The other day at work I was asked to design a graphic that was to be printed and affixed to a small trashcan. The prop was going to be used as an over-sized cup of soda for a shoot that we had coming up. After measuring the circumference of the base and rim of the trashcan as well as the height, I thought I had figured out everything I needed to know. I created a design in photoshop that was 36″ on top, 30″ on bottom and connected the ends of the two lines that were separated at the right distance forming a trapezoid. After printing up a small scale model I found the one major flaw in my design; it needed to be designed in an arc in order for it to wrap around the trashcan neatly.

Big Cup and Big Popcorn

After scratching my head for a few minutes I decided I wasn’t clever enough to figure out how to calculate the angle of the arc. I saw that Matt was online so I asked him if he could help. I gave him the dimensions of the can and a description of what I needed to accomplish. In about 5 minutes, he came back and IM’d me this file. Ridiculous.

Cup Diagram