20140201 – Barnsdall Art Park

20140201 - Barnsdall Art Park

20140131 – Superbowl Pool


20140131 - Superbowl Pool

20140130 – Ice Swirls

20140130 - Ice Swirl

20140129 – Xpresso Sunrise

Today I awoke a little past six o’clock and decided to take a drive out to a hill that overlooks the 134 Freeway and Eagle Rock to try and catch the sunrise. There is a fire access road that winds back into the hills but unfortunately it’s on the wrong side of the crest line, just enough so that I wouldn’t be able to take a picture of the sunrise without climbing up a uncleared portion of the hill, which I wasn’t about to do in near darkness. This photo was taken right at the base of the fire access road but it wasn’t the best vantage point.

Also included in this photo is a set of Xpresso functions I created in Cinema 4D to help me streamline an animation that I will have to repurpose and alter several times for a project we are working on. I’m not the best Xpresso writer, but I can fumble around the basics and make stuff do stuff.

20140129 - Xpresso Sunrise

20140128 – Chicken Sandwich Carl

I really need to watch some more State.

20140128 - Chicken Sandwich Carl

20140127 – Gold Studs

20140127 - Gold Studs

20140126 – The Boil

Brewing an English Brown Ale.


20140125 – Aunt Sally

Bar game at Golden Road Brewery.


20140124 – Other Nerds Worship Him


20140123 – Yeast Starter

This is just a quick video of how to make a yeast starter for brewing beer.

Step 1: Boil 1500ml of water.

Step 2: Slowly stir in 150g of Dry Malt Extract (DME). If you pour it all at once you will get a boil-over.

Step 3: Boil for 10 minutes.

Step 4: Remove pot from heat, cover, and place in an ice bath until temperature of boiled liquid drops below 80˚F. If you are using a thermometer, be sure to sanitize it first with a good sanitizer, my favorite is Star San.

Step 5: Pour cooled liquid into your 2000ml Erlenmeyer Flask (pre-sanitized as well).

Step 6: Pitch your liquid yeast into the flask. (Be sure to bring the yeast out a few hours before and let it reach room temperature.) If you use White Labs, shake the vial vigorously upside down until all the settled yeast is free and unstuck from the bottom. If you use Wyeast, be sure to smack that shit earlier and make sure it is inflated.

Step 7: Loosely cover flask with sanitized foil.

Step 8: Drop in your sanitized stir bar and place your flask on your stir plate preferably in a place that is the temperature of what your beer needs to ferment at.