20140210 – You Ready Mofo?

Another couple of Danny McBride GIFs because it’s Monday and why not?

20140210 - You Ready Mofo

20140210 - kennypowersbirds

20140209 – Ladies

20140209 - Ladies

20140208 – Black Pork Bacon Style

Pat has his eye on the bacon, Amy has her eyes on Pat, and dude in the background has his eyes on everyone.20140208 - Black Pork Bacon Style

20140207 – Sixth St. DTLA

20140207 - Sixth St DTLA

20140206 – Hedgehog Bracket

I got to create a fake sports bracket for a project we are working on at work today. There was only one real team name so I had to make up 7 team names to create the rest of the bracket match-ups. Personally, I  had my money on the Juice Boxes, but they got taken out by the always surprising Hedgehogs.

20140206 - Hedgehog Bracket

It Was A Good Venn Diagram

I submitted this design to Threadless a couple of years ago and it never got pushed past the peer judging. I figured I might as well toss it up on my Society 6 page in case there’s an off-chance that someone is looking on Society 6 for just the right thing to display their love for Ice Cube’s “It Was A Good Day”.

It Was A Good Venn Diagram

20140205 – Box of Nerds

Maybe one of the best lines from Pineapple Express.

20140204 - Box of Nerds

20140204 – Laugh It Up

20140204 - Laugh It Up 2

20140203 – Squirrel In A Palm Tree

20140203 - Squirrel In A Palm Tree

20140202 – Ceramic Mug

20140202 - Ceramic Mug