09:06:11 – Robocop Walk

I put Robocop in my bathtub and took a few pictures of him walking around. Here is one of them.

09:05:11 – Demon Morgan

I bought this app from the app store the other day for a buck. It was made by the guys over at Video Copilot and is just as good as any other product they put out. It’s pretty amazing what can be done with smartphones these days.

090511 – Demon Morgan

09:04:11 – Santa Monica

A lazy beach day.

09:03:11 – FYF Fest 2011

I went to the FYF Fest in downtown Los Angeles and was thoroughly impressed with the event. It had all the great aspects of a big festival like Coachella, but none of the bad aspects. The line up was so solid that there was rarely a moment where there wasn’t a band playing that I wanted to hear. It wasn’t overcrowded, and if you wanted to get really close to the stage, it wouldn’t be an issue at all. Getting into and out of the festival was a piece of cake. There were hardly any excessive lines for food or drinks, and none for bathrooms. They really did a great job planning this event, compared to what I heard about last year’s festival. If they can keep up the great line ups, I will continue to go to this festival until it outgrows it’s location.

Here is a video I took of Broken Social Scene doing a cover of Modest Mouse’s World at Large. I only had my 14mm lens with me so the stage is kinda small in the screen, but the sound quality is at least halfway decent.

09:02:11 – Dark Alley

The narrow alley that leads back to the Far Bar patio in Little Tokyo.

09:01:11 – 4 Monitors

Here is a frame of the shot I set up in Cinema 4D that I mentioned yesterday.

08:31:11 – Rack-Mounted Monitor

I had to create a set of monitors for an effects shot I am helping with for an independent feature that my company is producing. This is one of the monitors that I modeled in Cinema 4D. The rest of the rack actually turned out pretty decent, but I am not sure how realistic I am going to be able to get it to look in the shot.

08:30:11 – 4 Dollar Pint Night

The Blue Palms Brewhouse has $4 Pint Nights every Tuesday night that the Music Box isn’t having a show. It’s not exactly $4 for a pint in every case, since most of the beers are served in different glasses, most of which are less than a pint. But for a beer that you would normally pay $6-$8, it is still just $4, which turns out to be a pretty good deal in LA, especially because these are all great specialty craft beers.

I would highly recommend this place because every thing I’ve ever ordered was delicious and fairly priced. The service is great, no snobby waiters, and the beer list is updated live so when a keg is out, you will know right away.

08:29:11 – Foggy Morning

I spent the night at my parent’s house last night because I had a dentist appointment in orange county this morning. It was super foggy heading towards the freeway but cleared up once I got on it.

08:28:11 – Cat Show

I took this picture with my phone pointing straight up and down and when I went to review the picture, it had automatically flipped the image upside-down. I can’t think of a good reason why this would happen as this was the first and only time I have ever seen that happen. Maybe my phone dislikes cats more than me.