The Chronicles of a Time Traveling Idiot

If you haven’t been going to Eric Koziatek’s Comedy Collision show in Santa Monica every 1st Friday of the month, then you might have missed the greatest time traveling movie since Back to the Future III. We wrote this pretty much on the fly and shot it in about an hour. Jesse was a good sport and by channeling his high school acting coach he was able to turn in the performance of a lifetime. There has been talk of turning this into a trilogy, just like any other good intellectual piece, but for now, you will have to just keep hitting replay at the end of the video. Enjoy.

One Comment on "The Chronicles of a Time Traveling Idiot"

  1. Chino says:

    I think Jesse was amazing and has found his new career path as an actor. Kind of like Anderson Cooper meets Steve Martin with a touch of Leslie Nielson. Only thing is if this was real life, Jesse would sit on the couch longer and probably forget to purchase the lotto ticket.

    Also like the new template. Looks clean and loads fast.

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