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Today at work, I was killing time during a render, when I stumbled across a great use for the Back To My Mac function of MobileMe. Essentially it is a feature that allows you to remotely connect to your Mac over the internet and see your files as if they were attached to your local computer as an external drive, or see your screen and control your computer from within a window. It works great when it works, but there have been several times where it won’t work due to incompatible routers or networks. I’ve actually read a few stories online about how people have recovered stolen MacBooks and MacBook Pros by watching the thief log into various sites and then reporting it to the authority. But that’s all besides the point of this post.

Since I knew that my roommate Jesse was home because I had just spoken to him on IM, I decided to play a little joke. I launched MobileMe’s screen sharing option and opened up iMovie and launched the capture window and set it to record from my built-in iSight camera. Once I had that set, I opened up my iTunes library and picked a song that would be funny when played at a high volume. The theme song to Family Matters seemed like it fit the bill. (Don’t ask why I have that song). Next, I launched Text Edit and typed a quick message to Jesse. I wanted to make sure it was large enough and obvious enough for him to see when he walked in so he knew it was a joke, and not my computer malfunctioning. The final step was turning my volume all the way up on both iTunes and my computer and pressing record on iMovie and play on iTunes.

In hind sight it would have been more funny if I could have figured out a way to hide the capture window and then just kept doing this over and over again until Jesse figured out what was going on.

The image at the top of this post is a screen capture of the whole set up, and if you watch the video, you can actually hear the screen caps firing off. I was quite pleased with the over all performance of Back To My Mac. I am sure I used it for the opposite purpose of what they had intended when adding this feature to MobileMe, but there’s nothing wrong with stumbling onto an accidental feature. They should turn this into a selling point. Anyhow, here is the video. Enjoy.

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  1. Beneville says:

    Ha. Good work. Next time you need to set the background to

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