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20140101 – Cabless

It was either a 125% mandatory tip for 2 Lyft Drivers or a $80 shadycab for the six of us on New Years in Little Tokyo. We agreed to the $80 cab ride but made the driver go through Jack-n-the-Box. The car who he reluctantly cut off while zipper-merging into the drive-thru line began to yell at us and flash their high beams into the taxi. Shortly after placing our order, they got rear-ended by the car behind them. Funny end to a fun night.


Cinemagram App for iPhone

Cinemagram is an iPhone app that helps make those cool little cinemagraphs that have gained popularity over the last year or two. It’s basically a looping animated gif that isn’t a guy getting hit in the nuts with a football. Here’s one that I made of the airlock on my primary fermenter.


Pictures from our photobooth. Throw up a red curtain on a wall, download Pocketbooth from the app store, point and click. Just add friends.

Should I Be Concerned?

I found some disturbing information while viewing the webstats for my site yesterday. Here are the top 6 searches that led visitors to my site.

1, 2, and 3 are all good and well, but the last 3 searches definitely shouldn’t be key words for my site. I hope the last two searches were done ironically for a joke. I might have to reconsider what I write in my posts and where I link to.

Back To My Mac – Practical Use/Joke

Jesse Poking His Head In

Smile, You're On Camera

Today at work, I was killing time during a render, when I stumbled across a great use for the Back To My Mac function of MobileMe. Essentially it is a feature that allows you to remotely connect to your Mac over the internet and see your files as if they were attached to your local computer as an external drive, or see your screen and control your computer from within a window. It works great when it works, but there have been several times where it won’t work due to incompatible routers or networks. I’ve actually read a few stories online about how people have recovered stolen MacBooks and MacBook Pros by watching the thief log into various sites and then reporting it to the authority. But that’s all besides the point of this post.

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AC/DC Smoke

AC/DC Smoke

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trapcode particular + sound keys test

AJ showed me an awesome music video the other day and asked how they did it, so i tossed together a particle system and grabbed a song from my itunes to test it out. not nearly as cool, but somewhat close. i need particular 2.0 i think.