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Jesse Is Like A Modern Day Robin Hood

Double Dart

3 x 2 = 6

A modern-day Robin Hood with bad aim. However, he did manage to throw a few darts at a dartboard and practically split one of them in half. The picture you see above is the actual outcome of two consecutive throws and was not set up manually or altered in any way. The tip of the second dart struck and wedged itself into the plastic fins of the first dart. The only thing that would have made this more awesome is if it hit any number higher than 3. At least he’s consistent.

Katrina’s Medieval Birthday

Katrina's Birthday

Let the games begin!

The night started off very promising when a girl scout came to Mike’s door selling cookies. We bought out her entire supply that she had with her and she had to go back to her mom’s car to get her reserves. We eventually made our way up to Medieval Times and were promptly ushered into the lobby and handed our Black & White crowns.

There was an hour of hanging out and drinking until we were allowed to go out tables. By then, most of us were feeling good and ready to enjoy the dinner and tournament. Our confidence led us to begin chants of “Red Knight’s going down! Down, down, down.” Believe it or not, you can’t trust movies from 1996 to predict the outcome of a fixed fight. B&W Knight was the first to go down, and Red Knight was the victor. I call bullshit.

Flickr Set: Katrina’s Birthday at Medieval Times