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20140310 – Quality Over Quantity

I’ve decided to halt the 365 Project. I’ve been too busy to dedicate enough time to make acceptable content on a daily basis. I’ll still update from time to time, hopefully with stuff that I enjoy creating rather than stuff I create because I need to. Here are a few pictures and gifs from my weekend at the Salton Sea for Casey’s bachelor party.

20140310 - Burning Casey



20140101 – Cabless

It was either a 125% mandatory tip for 2 Lyft Drivers or a $80 shadycab for the six of us on New Years in Little Tokyo. We agreed to the $80 cab ride but made the driver go through Jack-n-the-Box. The car who he reluctantly cut off while zipper-merging into the drive-thru line began to yell at us and flash their high beams into the taxi. Shortly after placing our order, they got rear-ended by the car behind them. Funny end to a fun night.


Big Bear 2012

Unforgettable. I have the best friends in the world!

Cinemagram App for iPhone

Cinemagram is an iPhone app that helps make those cool little cinemagraphs that have gained popularity over the last year or two. It’s basically a looping animated gif that isn’t a guy getting hit in the nuts with a football. Here’s one that I made of the airlock on my primary fermenter.

Just In Time For Christmas

After having a few people request prints of Juice Box in his lobster costume, I decided to make it available to anyone who wanted one. And since I am lazy and don’t want to go get them printed myself, I decided to have Society6 take care of all my printing and shipping needs. So go take a look at what’s in the Goodbye Mailbox store at Society6 and treat yourself to a sweet iPhone case of a hedgehog disguised as a lobster.

Kat and Morgan

I read somewhere once that if you ever have the opportunity to take a portrait in front of a red wall, you should take it. I usually do, and when I do, it usually does end up looking better than a normal white wall or background.

Morning Prey

As I was getting out of my car at work today, I saw a hawk perched on the next level of the parking structure. I got my camera out to take a picture and zoomed in on him. Right as I was hitting the shutter, he flew off, but I managed to get this picture. If you can’t tell, he was holding a pigeon in his talons.

Night Drive Timelapse

This is a time-lapse from LA to the Nevada State line played in reverse. I wanted to get the entire time-lapse from LA to Vegas but the battery died on my GoPro Helmet Cam before we made it there. A friend and I were driving out there for CES so we left around 5:00 in the morning which allowed me the rare opportunity to see the sun rise. Please play full frame!

5387 frames: 1 shot taken every 2 seconds

Music: “Night Drive” by Chromatics

Winged Statues of Hoover Dam

Having extra time in Vegas, Pat and I drove out to the Hoover Dam to check it out for the first time. It was massive and quite impressive up close. Along the Nevada side of the river, there were two huge bronze statues that watched over the dam.


Pictures from our photobooth. Throw up a red curtain on a wall, download Pocketbooth from the app store, point and click. Just add friends.