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Night Drive Timelapse

This is a time-lapse from LA to the Nevada State line played in reverse. I wanted to get the entire time-lapse from LA to Vegas but the battery died on my GoPro Helmet Cam before we made it there. A friend and I were driving out there for CES so we left around 5:00 in the morning which allowed me the rare opportunity to see the sun rise. Please play full frame!

5387 frames: 1 shot taken every 2 seconds

Music: “Night Drive” by Chromatics

Back To My Mac – Practical Use/Joke

Jesse Poking His Head In

Smile, You're On Camera

Today at work, I was killing time during a render, when I stumbled across a great use for the Back To My Mac function of MobileMe. Essentially it is a feature that allows you to remotely connect to your Mac over the internet and see your files as if they were attached to your local computer as an external drive, or see your screen and control your computer from within a window. It works great when it works, but there have been several times where it won’t work due to incompatible routers or networks. I’ve actually read a few stories online about how people have recovered stolen MacBooks and MacBook Pros by watching the thief log into various sites and then reporting it to the authority. But that’s all besides the point of this post.

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The Chronicles of a Time Traveling Idiot

If you haven’t been going to Eric Koziatek’s Comedy Collision show in Santa Monica every 1st Friday of the month, then you might have missed the greatest time traveling movie since Back to the Future III. We wrote this pretty much on the fly and shot it in about an hour. Jesse was a good sport and by channeling his high school acting coach he was able to turn in the performance of a lifetime. There has been talk of turning this into a trilogy, just like any other good intellectual piece, but for now, you will have to just keep hitting replay at the end of the video. Enjoy.