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02:03:11 – Happy Birthday Dan

This is some footage from our Paintball event the other weekend. It was down to a couple of players when I saw someone from the other team run into one of the little houses. I knew it was only a matter of time before they had to pop their head out.

Unfortunately the shadows were so dark that the headshot was hard to see in the video, but I definitely remember seeing a bright green splat right in the center of his face mask.

02:02:11 – Avocado Holder

I recently bought some painting supplies at the Blick Art Store in Hollywood so that I could take up another hobby that I won’t see through. I’ve never been very good at painting or drawing, and art in general, but it seems like a fun activity for when I’m bored. I spend so much of my time on a computer for work, so it’s nice to “unplug” and still create stuff. I guess I should hook up my scanner if I’m going to make a habit out of posting paintings.

02:01:11 – Chewie

We watched The Empire Strikes Back tonight at Colter’s house. It inspired me to make this. I’ve never really used the hair module in Cinema 4D before this, but I am pleased with how it turned out.

Note: I made this on my laptop while watching the movie and helping Jason set up his site. The text is kinda lackluster, but it’ll do for now.

Star Wars Original Trilogy on Blu-ray

01:31:11 – Starbucks Gold Card

I finally got my Starbucks Gold Card and all it took was 30 Venti Black Iced Teas. But it was free otherwise and now I get a free drink every 15 visits, which for me is 15 or less work days.

Today also marks 1 full month of my 365 project. 1 month down, 11 to go. 365 you ain’t got shit on me.

01:30:11 – Graffiti Kids

I saw these two awesome pieces behind the Blick Art store off Beverly. I don’t know if these were officially sanctioned by the art store or not, but I would be completely ok if more graffiti looked like this.

01:29:11 – Mike’s Last Stand

I went paintballing for the first time ever yesterday and had a really great time. There was about 26 of us shooting each other in Camp Pendleton Paintball Park for Mike Friedman’s 30th birthday. This video is from the last round of the day where Mike shows off his extreme stunt prowess. His gun had stopped firing and so his only option was to bluff against the other team and hope they surrender.

I was going to try and add some metallica music or something under the video since the camera doesn’t record sound when it is in High Speed mode, but instead I just added sound effects because I was too lazy to cut something together.

01:28:11 – Puddi Puddi

My baby niece Anistin.

01:27:11 – 17 Minute Mile

Get it? Because their first LP was 4 Minute Mile but now they’re old so it takes them longer to run a mile and so it ties everything together. No but seriously, still a lot of fun to listen to and watch live, however I’m not too sure about their new songs.

Here is their set list from the show tonight. Gone are the days of hand-written set lists scratched across a used envelope: they are now Get Up Men.

Get yourself some Get Up Kids

01:26:11 – Scales

I went to the doctor today because my eye had been annoying me for the past few days. I was worried I’d end up like Juice Box having to get an eye removed. Turns out it is just a stye.

01:25:11 – Zebra Steak

There are so many animals whose flavor I shall never know.

Drawn with a Wacom tablet in Photoshop using a photograph as the source. I don’t have any drawing skills so that’s the way it’s gotta be.