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05:14:11 – The Collier Babys

My new camera has a “Baby” setting where you can enter the baby’s birthdate and name and it’ll add the age and name to the meta data in the photo file. I made Cody and Jesse take some baby pictures to test it out.

05:13:11 – Hazy Friday

Taken on the rooftop of my parking structure looking out towards the hills above Hollywood.

05:12:11 – Wiltern

I didn’t go here tonight, but we passed by it on the way down to Downtown LA for an art show that a couple friends of ours were in. I just snapped this while we were at a stop.

05:11:11 – 4th and Main

Ate some pho in downtown LA tonight and then had a drink at Bar 107.

05:10:11 – Abe

I don’t know what made me think of this. I just thought it might be a funny image.

05:09:11 – 6 Years

05:08:11 – Great Grandmother’s Day

My niece and nephew with my grandma on Mother’s Day.

05:07:11 – Cody C

05:06:11 – Vine Street

Taken while walking down Vine St. on the way to The Saint for Kelsey’s Birthday.

05:05:11 – Cinco De Mayo

Hey mister, guess what I had for breakfast…