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05:24:11 – Yeasayer

I went to the Yeasayer show at the Music Box in Hollywood last night. They were awesome and really gave their music additional life and energy in their live set. I loved it. It was also maybe the first show I have been to by myself and it only felt weird at first, but once the bands started playing, it really didn’t seem to make a difference that I was there alone. However, I am glad I had my iPhone during the set changes. Thanks Alien Blue.

Yeasayer at the Music Box in Hollywood

05:23:11 – Sofa Dude

Over the weekend, a bunch of friends and I went camping in Joshua Tree and were having fun with long exposures and light writing. After a while, we started drawing over people with a laser pen and ended up with really neat pictures. While I don’t have any of those to show you since Colter was the one taking the pictures, I do have this one that I made tonight for my 365 Project. 50 second exposure at f/2.5 and 100 iso.

05:22:11 – New Raptorians

While sitting around the campfire last night, a bunch of us decided to start our own religion. This is about how far we got.

05:21:11 – Top Of The Hill

A few of us did a short hike to the top of the hill near the campsite.

Joshua Tree

05:20:11 – Black Rock Canyon Campground

I, along with around 30 other friends, went to Joshua Tree for the weekend to weather out the Rapture. It was an awesome trip and none of us were taken to heaven. I’ll just assume it’s for the best.

Joshua Tree Camping

05:19:11 – Laurel Tavern

Someone recently told me that the best burger in LA could be found at Laurel Tavern. He compared it to other Los Angeles favorites and still assured me that it was better. Being a foodie and a burger connoisseur, I had to see for myself. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed, and the beer selection is to be applauded. As far as burgers go, the Laurel Burger has got to be on the list of great burgers in LA, but my personal preference still goes with Umami Burger. However, we also shared the grilled cheese sandwich and the pork belly skewers: both of which were amazing. I thought the burger was good, but it will be the pork belly skewers that bring me back to Laurel Tavern. I’m already craving them.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Pork Belly Skewers

05:18:11 – Clouds

I feel like we don’t get great clouds too often in LA. Today’s skies were filled with them.

05:17:11 – Hollywood Improv

A bunch of us went and saw Harland Williams at the Improv off Melrose. He ended up performing second under a pseudonym and tore the club a new gaping asshole. His words not mine. But he was pretty darn funny.

05:16:11 – Tiny Wings Home Edition

A guitar and some throw pillows.

If you’re not playing Tiny Wings, you should. It’s the best $.99 you will spend today. My current high score: 154623

Tiny Wings for iPhone

05:15:11 – Art in the Streets

Taken at the Art In The Streets exhibit at the MOCA in Downtown Los Angeles. Its a huge exhibit of the history of street art. I highly recommend this to anyone vaguely interested in street art or graffiti. The $10 admission is well worth the fee but I would recommend getting there closer towards when they first open if you are going on the weekend because by the time we left, the line was huge.