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08:22:11 – $100 Worth of Beer

I’ve never spend this much money on alcohol, but in my quest to find a bottle of Cuir from The Bruery, I got talked into buying several other beers from a convincing employee of K&L Wine Merchants. I bought a beer made from weasel shit for crying out loud!

08:21:11 – Deep Dish Pizza

I found a recipe online for a deep dish pizza that you make in a cast iron pan and decided to give it a try. I bought pre-made pizza dough and sauce from Trader Joe’s along with a bunch of ingredients for the pizza pie and went to work. Although I have probably only made a few pizzas at home in my lifetime, this one was by far the best pizza I have ever made. I am not even much of a deep dish pizza lover, but I wanted to try something different, and I am really glad I did. The only part where I strayed away from the recipe is that I also added mushrooms to the filling, which I think added to the magic. I will definitely make this one again, and maybe next time I will try to make my own dough and sauce.

08:20:11 – Mad Decent Walk Party

We went to the Mad Decent Block Party in Downtown LA today. It was a free event that had some music acts and food trucks, but mostly just a lot of people standing around wondering what they should be doing. I think, like myself and my group, a lot of people showed up because it was free and free events in LA are not always easy to come by. I rated it just slightly more entertaining than Bill Cosby at the OC Fair. Here is a picture of us leaving as we walked towards Wurstkutche.

08:19:11 – Triple White Sage

A few of us went to go try out a new craft beer pub near K-Town called Beer Belly. A friend from work had recommended it and it turns out that the place has awesome beers and delicious food. Not to mention, they have an iTunes Jukebox that they let you connect to via your iPhone to choose songs to play, free of charge of course! About a year ago, I tried a beer from Craftsman Brewing Company (based out of Pasadena) called Triple White Sage and fell in love. It’s one of my favorite beers of all time, which places it pretty high on my favorite drinks of all time. I was super pleased to find that Beer Belly had it on tap, if only for the beginning of the night since they ran out after my first beer.

08:18:11 – Stacked Parking

Morgan and I went to the Deathcab for Cutie show tonight at The Greek Theater. It’s an awesome outdoor venue kinda like a scaled down version of the Hollywood Bowl, but parking is always kind of a drag because all they have is stacked parking nearby which makes getting out a real mess. We lucked out tonight though, because as they guided us through the maze of car columns, we somehow managed to weasel our way to the very front row right by a driveway that connected to the street out of there. It was pretty much the best possible spot in the whole place.

08:17:11 – Jesse, Not Jesse

More fun with my iPhoto Faces finder feature. This time it is much more accurate than when I did Eric’s face. It also made me realize how much Robin and Jesse look alike.

08:16:11 – Deck Furniture

Our apartment complex recently updated the patio furniture around the common areas. I like them.

08:15:11 – Eric, Not Eric

Eric was over today while I was looking through my iPhoto library with the Faces feature activated. He wanted to see what pictures iPhoto thought was him. I particularly like Jerry Springer’s wax figure, a pair of sneakers, and my sister-in-law’s dog, Korn Puff.

08:14:11 – Bitizen Tobais

The new version of Tiny Tower lets you create your own Bitizen. I made this one of Tobais from Arrested Development.

08:13:11 – Santa Monica Pier

Marina and Dave threw an awesome BBQ at their place down in Venice. After a long day of partying, we all walked down to the beach.