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12:01:11 – Advent Calendar

I haven’t had one of these since I was a kid.

11:30:11 – Escapist

11:29:11 – Floyds 99

Haircut time.

11:28:11 – Firestone Walker Anniversary Ales XI-XV

Firestone Walker held their LA release party for Firestone XV, their anniversary ale. One of the options for the night was to get a flight of each anniversary ale they have brewed starting with their 10th anniversary, however we showed up too late and they ran out of 10. So we only ended up getting 11-15, which was still good enough for me.

11:27:11 – Hollywood Christmas Parade

The Hollywood Christmas Parade route goes right down Vine and turns right on Sunset, right past our apartment complex. Last year we didn’t know about the parade and were blocked from entering our apartment for several hours due to road closures. This year we made sure to be home before the roads started shutting down for the stupid parade.

11:26:11 – Silverlake Reservoir

I took a walk around the Silverlake Reservoir with Morgan today. With temperatures in the 80s, we felt like we needed to get out and move around. It was our first time doing this walk, and it was really nice. 2.3 miles according to a quick google search.

11:25:11 – Golf Bluff

My dad, brothers, and I went golfing at a course on the border of Riverside and Orange County. It was an easy course, but not having golfed in such a long time made for a day filled with quadruple bogeys. At least it was a pretty course.

11:24:11 – The Death Wish

My little brother and I decided to make our own Epic Meal Time dish for Thanksgiving. We used the following: Velveta Cheese, Spam, 4 types of Cheese Slices, Chorizo, Pastrami, Breadcrumbs, Italian Sausage, 4 types of Cheese Slices again, all wrapped up in 3 lbs of Bacon and dusted with Brown Sugar. BBQ at 200 degrees for a couple hours and you got yourself a primer for a heart attack.

11:23:11 – Cookie Party

Made some cookies with some friends for Thanksgiving.

11:22:11 – Nike Factory

Taken at the Nike Theatre off Vine in Hollywood.